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The range of EnviroHeat WA’s Pellet Wood Heaters is changing the approach to home heating with our ultra-modern and stylish pellet stove heaters. Not only do our range of pellet heaters look great they also offer so many advantages compared to traditional methods.

One of the biggest advantages of heating your home with a pellet stove is convenience. You don’t have to deal with the constant chore and the mess of bringing in firewood and stoking the fire. Once you dump the pellets into the stove’s hopper, you don’t have to continually feed it in the way you would with a traditional wood stove.

The pellet stove automatically feeds the pellets into the burning chamber at just the right rate to produce the amount of heat that you want. Our pellet burning stoves are thermostatically controlled and will maintain the temperature you choose. This means no getting up in the night to put wood on the fire, and no coming home to a cold house after you have been away for a while. Our stoves can be programmed to turn on automatically in the morning and evening. And you get none of the big temperature swings of a wood stove, when one minute it is putting out too much heat, and the next minute not enough.

Pellet stoves are more efficient than traditional wood heat. The combustion takes place in a smaller combustion chamber where it is more controlled and given just the right amount of air for more complete combustion. This results in more heat and fewer emissions. Pellet burning stoves are some of the cleanest heating appliances available, and maybe the cleanest burning solid fuel available.

Pellet stoves are easier to keep clean. They produce very little ash, and don’t have the problems with the creosote buildup that a traditional wood stove has. Pellets typically come in plastic bags to seal out moisture and they are not messy like firewood can be. Pellets are highly compressed and more dense, and therefore take up less space to store than natural wood.

A pellet stove is easier and costs less to install than a wood stove. Pellet stoves don’t need large flues like a wood stove or fireplace does and the smaller flue can easily be routed through the ceiling or exterior wall.

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    “Having a wood pellet fire at the flick of a switch is hassle-free warmth! The EnviroHeat pellet heater is very economical, easy to use and easy to clean. The top of the unit doesn’t get hot so you can touch it, we even use it as a work surface! The pellet delivery makes it easy for us when we’re low on pellets. we can highly recommend EnviroHeat heaters and pellets.”

    Lance and Jenni, Claremont, Western Australia

    “We have certainly been enjoying the pellet heater over the last month with this wet start to the winter. Also, we have been up through the night watching The World Cup in Brazil so it has been perfect!!”

    Sharon and Ian Scott, Western Australia

    “I would like to add that your customer care is fantastic. When the heater wouldn’t light I imagined days without the fire, but glad to say that within a few hours all was sorted out. I can’t imagine what the follow up service would have been like with the other wood pellet heater we looked at.

    Thank you again for providing great service!”

    Sue, Steve and Archie, Western Australia

    “We are very happy with the Nike product and would recommend anyone looking to enjoy the ambiance of a flame heater and not the hassle of chopping and carting wood to consider this product. Although we are half way across the country from the supplier it has not affected the customer service offered to us, frm organising freight to talking with the installer and subsequent conversation the team have been a pleasure to deal with.”

    Nick, South Australia

    All of Western Australia