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The future of home heating has arrived with cleaner more efficient heat.
Enjoy the natural heat that only wood provides, without the hassle and emissions.

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Pellet stove heaters can provide the same natural warmth and atmosphere as a traditional wood fire, without the hassles and with less emissions.

We all love nothing better than sitting in front of a wood fire on cold nights and envying that beautiful natural heat that only wood produces, but wood fires can be a hassle. Cutting wood, getting the fire started and then of course if you run out of wood having to buy expensive pre-cut bags.

A new Pellet heater from EnviroHeat WA completely eliminates these hassles and, with the press of a button, will heat your home rapidly and much more efficiently than any conventional wood heater.

Our range of pellet heaters from Palazzetti are beautifully designed and can be installed in any room as a focal point or just to provide that beautiful heat and ambiance.

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Enjoy the warmth of wood
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EnviroHeat WA is proud to have partnered with Palazzetti and offers their complete range of European pellet heaters for sale in Western Australia.

A third-generation company, Palazzetti is at the forefront of pellet heater manufacturing in Italy, the home of pellet heaters.

Palazzetti is a family company spanning three generations, situated in Pordenone Italy, near Venice. The company was founded in 1954 and was the first to manufacture pellet heaters in Italy in 1994. They now have extensive production lines capable of producing over 40,000 heaters annually, excellent quality control and a leading research and development team.

EnviroHeat Australia WA can help you choose the right pellet heater for your home and with several stylish designs we have the perfect system for you.

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